Why Do Some Turf Varieties Cost More Than Others?

Instant lawn prices can vary wildly.  Just like grocery shopping – you can choose from umpteen different brands of the same thing, and the price and quality will vary according to what you get.  Higher quality = higher cost.  Lower quality = lower cost.  It’s not rocket science!

With instant turf, you get what you pay for.  That means that the lower end of the pricing scale, though more appealing to your back pocket, will not be top quality.  What you would expect from cheap turf is one that’s high maintenance, less robust and not able to withstand heavy traffic and wear-and-tear.

So, what are the 3 main factors which contribute to the price of turf?

  1. Quality of the soil

High-quality grass requires high-quality soil.  This means soil that has been enriched with the correct organic matter and fertilizers, prior to seeding.  After seeding, there is the regular maintenance and fertilizing where needed to establish a top-notch product with a strong and healthy root system that is perfect for harvesting.  Costly, but the finished product is worth it!

  1. Quality of the seed

The quality of the grass itself is dependent on the quality and purity of the seed.  High-quality turf has been grown from first-class seed, developed to resist disease, cope with climatic differences and withstand everyday wear-and-tear.  Of course, the top quality seed has been tested and trialed over a period of time to prove it’s superiority and improve the product overall – all things that bump up the cost of producing it.

  1. Superior harvesting techniques

The quality of the turf when it arrives at your property depends on a lot on how it’s been treated.  It’s much the same with fruit and vegetables you might buy at the supermarket – they might be good on the farm, but if they’re roughly handled they’ll arrive in store bruised and battered.  Harvesting with specialized machines and proper techniques requires extra cost, however, it guarantees a superior product, which will pay off in the long run.

There are many hidden costs which add up to produce a higher dollar figure for quality turf. However, quality is worth paying for!  Looking long term, buying a quality product will guarantee less maintenance, better performance and complete satisfaction in your new lawn.

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