Be Environmentally Responsible And Have A Great Looking Lawn!

Eco-friendly; clean and green; environmentally responsible; planet care; carbon footprint; organic living… Over the last few years, these phrases have become part of our every-day vocab.  Why is there so much emphasis on sustainable gardening these days?  And how should we go about caring for our own little patch of green?

We all want the perfect lawn.  The sort that is soft, green, and just bliss to walk on in bare feet.  The lawn that quickly becomes the envy of the whole street… Is it possible to create such a slice of paradise, yet still be environmentally responsible?

In short, the answer is yes!  In fact, by implementing an organic lawn care strategy, you can create that perfect lawn with the peace of mind that you are also creating a healthier, cleaner place for yourself and your family to enjoy.

Here are 5 ways to be environmentally friendly, yet still have a great looking lawn:

  1. Think carefully about the type of lawn you plant

There are some grass varieties that are far hardier than others.  These varieties are the type that require little water, little fertilizer, and only occasional mowing.  Not only will these factors mean less work for you, but they also help to reduce your carbon footprint.  Buffalo grass varieties and Zoysia are both great choices for lawns that require minimum upkeep.

  1. Water wisely

All lawns require a certain amount of water to maintain their beautiful green color and healthy root system.  However, it pays to think carefully about how much water you apply and when to avoid wasting nature’s precious resource (and bumping up your water bill unnecessarily)! Watering your lawn during the early hours of the morning will ensure maximum benefit to the lawn, without wasting water due to evaporation.  Also, pay attention to how much water you apply.  Over-watering your lawn will not only damage and possibly kill the grass, but it will result in excessive runoff, which may return polluted water into our waterways.  Use timers on your sprinkler system to eliminate the risk of over-watering.

  1. Use organic fertilizer

Choose your fertilizer wisely.  Try to avoid fertilizers that are full of chemicals and artificial substances, and opt for ones that use organic means to enrich the soil.  After all, this mimics nature’s way of providing for plants and trees, so why not follow suit?


  1. Practice good mowing techniques

Implementing good mowing techniques can make a huge difference to the look and health of your lawn while reducing the environmental impact you have:

  • Mow only as often as needed
  • When possible, leave the clipping on the lawn to break down and return their goodness to the soil
  • Use an electric or battery powered mower – they don’t emit any nasties into the air
  1. Landscape lighting

Many of us like to make the most of our beautiful lawns, even at night.  Where possible, use solar-powered garden lighting systems – they don’t require any electricity, so their impact on the environment is minimal.  If you require a brighter light than solar can give, what about LED lighting?  This draws very little power, yet gives out a fantastic amount of light.

There are plenty of ways to be eco-friendly and still maintain a great looking lawn.  For more expert advice, call the team at Greener Lawns on 1800 473 363.  Your lawn is our priority!