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Zoysia Australis

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Zoysia Australis is a tough and hardy, medium-textured zoysia grass with a beautiful blue/green leaf. It’s a new zoysia variety that provides solutions for Aussie families with its ability to be installed in a wide range of areas. It can stand up to the stresses of a family and pets and has shade tolerance to thrive where other grasses falter.


Zoysia Australis stands out as a resilient and robust zoysia grass with a striking blue/green foliage of medium texture. This innovative variety caters to Australian families by offering versatility in installation across diverse areas. Resistant to the challenges posed by family activities and pets, it also exhibits shade tolerance, excelling in locations where other grasses may struggle.

Zoysia Australis is:

  • Good shade tolerance
  • Good Wear Tolerance and recovery for a zoysia grass
  • Soft medium leaf
  • Versatility in a range of conditions and climates
  • Fast establishment
  • Good colour (green/blue)
  • Strong rhizome growth
  • Deep root system
  • Less mowing requirements
  • Disease resistant

Zoysia Australis was bred by the world’s best

Dr Brian Schwartz bred Zoysia Australis at the world famous University of Georgia, Tifton Campus. Dr Schwartz is renowned as the scientist behind the release of the highly successful TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda. Zoysia Australis arrived in Australia back in 2018 with a range of other elite zoysia grasses. Zoysia Australis was selected for commercial release after extensive trials in a range of conditions and applications. This is a zoysia grass that offers significant benefits and a real point of difference from the other turf varieties available to consumers.

Independent Australian Trials by World’s Leading Turf Research Institute

In a recent independent trial conducted by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) ‘Screening new Zoysia turfgrasses under Australian conditions‘, Zoysia Australis showed some exceptional qualities.

For speed of establishment, Zoysia Australis (cultivar ZJ-19-017) was one of the fastest cultivars to reach establishment in the first 12 months of evaluation reaching 95% of establishment.