How Long Does New Turf Take To Bed In?

Laying turf is a great way to create that instant, lush, beautifully green lawn you’ve always dreamed of.  One minute your yard is brown soil, the next it’s grass.  And there’s no doubt about it: it looks, feels and is great!

However, as we know, grass is a living plant just like every other thing in your garden.  And to flourish, a plant needs a good, strong root system.  So maybe you’re wondering ‘how long will it take for my turf to bed in?’

Unfortunately, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer to this question.  There are many different factors that will effect how quickly and how effectively your grass takes root.

Here are a few tips to make sure the process happens as quickly and as smoothly as possible:

Soil preparation

As with anything garden related, it’s important to do the groundwork.  Be sure to research and find out what nutrients are needed by your chosen variety of grass.  Take time to work the needed fertilizer into the soil.  A healthy, well fertilized soil will provide the perfect place for your new grass to spread it’s new roots and thrive.


Deep and regular watering, in accordance with the supplier’s instructions, is key to establishing a beautiful and long rooted lawn.  Think of the roots of the grass as the anchors – the longer the roots, the stronger the anchor into the soil.  Be sure to discuss the watering needs of your lawn with your supplier – overwatering can be as damaging to new grass as under-watering!


Regular fertilizer will give your lawn what it needs to maintain strong, healthy growth and sustain climatic conditions.  It is highly likely that your instant lawn will have been fertilized as or before it was cut by the supplier, however, it is your job to give it regular doeses of food in accordance with suppliers instructions.  After the initial bedding in process is over, maintain a regular fertilizing schedule to achieve optimum results from your lawn.

If the attention is taken to soil preparation prior to laying turf, your new lawn may start to take root within as little as 2 weeks.  However, these roots will be shallow and fragile, so it is important that you restrict traffic and give the grass every opportunity to bed itself in.

With correct care, a deeper more established root system should be forming within about 6 weeks. As mentioned before, grass is a plant and it is therefore important to read the signs of nature itself and take action if you notice any signs of distress or wilting.

Laying and caring for instant turf isn’t a easy feat for a novice! But with a little direction and some helpful tips it can be done. The team at Greener Lawn understand the world of turf and have years of experience they can share to help you achieve success with your new lawn.  Call us on 1800 473 363 and discuss your new lawn today.