How often should I fertilize my lawn?

To keep yourself in top form, you visit your local GP, take vitamin and mineral supplements if necessary, exercise and generally look after your health.  Your grass is no different!  Obviously, you can’t take it to visit the doctor, so it’s your job to administer at home treatments to keep it in prime condition all year round.

We all want a lawn that looks and feels great.  But what we may tend to forget is that this doesn’t just magically happen.  In fact, that guy’s lawn down the street that you’ve always admired has probably received several lots of fertilizer throughout the year, as well as regular weeding and watering to keep it the way it is!  Grass is a plant, just like any other part of your garden and it needs regular pruning (mowing) and applications of fertilizer to maintain optimum growth and appearance.

Naturally, the needs of your lawn will vary according to the type of grass, however, here are some basic tips that will help you:

Buffalo Turf:

Buffalo Turf varieties benefit from a good dose of fertilizer during autumn and winter.  A blend of quick and slow release fertilizers applied in April and again in June will give your lawn the stamina to stay healthy during the cold winter months.  As spring comes around, another dose of fertilizer in October will help it bounce back after the cold spell and give it a headstart going into summer. Of course, correct mowing practice will help maintain an ‘all-round green’ too – mow a little higher during winter to ensure protection against frost if you live in a climate that receives harsh winter conditions.

Zoysia Turf:

Fertilize Zoysia in autumn, in preparation for winter, then again in the spring.  The autumn dose will provide all the necessary for the winter months, while the spring dose will give it what it needs through it’s most vigorous growth period.  Let Zoyzia grass grow a little longer in winter, but cut it shorter coming into spring – this will maintain maximum green in all seasons.


Couch lawns benefit from a dose of fertilizer in autumn, winter, and spring.

Think of fertilizer as one aspect of treatment, albeit a major one, out of a whole system of care your lawn needs.  Correct and regular mowing, regular watering and de-thatching where necessary, will all contribute to a healthy and happy lawn.

At Greener Lawns, we have an excellent range of lawn care products available to maintain your luscious, green carpet.  And, better still, we have the knowledge, the skill and the experience to support you on your journey to the perfect lawn.  Call us today on 1800473 363 to discuss the needs of your grass – we’re here and happy to help!