How To Create The Perfect Edges On Your Lawn

A beautiful lawn without a clearly defined edge is like a stunning ball gown with a ragged hem! It looks lovely to a point, but it’s not finished.

Neat and tidy edges to your lawn provide that visual clarity that every garden needs.  They create a definite division between grass and ornamental planting and immediately lift the aesthetics of the entire yard.

It doesnt matter what variety of lawn you have, generally speaking, things in the gardening world take time. Plants don’t grow big overnight, trees take years to mature and vegetables require lots of TLC before we can harvest the rewards. However, lawn edging is a definite exception to the rule.  A few hours work and you’ll be instantly rewarded with something that’s visually stunning.

There are several ways to create perfect edges on your lawn, so we’ve outlined three here.   Two things common to all three methods are:

  1. you need the correct tools
  2. be prepared to use a bit of elbow grease

Cut edge

The most natural and cost effective way to edge your lawn is simply to cut an edge into the grass. And, using a petrol powered lawn edger this is simply a dream!  If you don’t have a mechanical edger, the same effect can be achieved using a half-moon cutter.  Simply mark the edge of the lawn using landscaping paint, sand or a stringline. Ensure the device is set to a good depth and follow along that line.  Once the edging line has been established, remove the turf along the outer edge, ensuring the cut is clean, a good depth and at 90 degrees to the surface.  Do not back-fill with soil against the lawn.  Instead, apply a generous amount of mulch – this will be good for the ornamental garden and also provide a clear, clean edge to the lawn.

Brick edge

A physical barrier such as bricks between turf and garden always looks stylish.  And it’s very effective.  Over time, bricks will provide that weathered, classic touch to your lawn area, as well as provide an excellent mowing edge.  To stand the test of time, bricks should be cemented into the ground and the gaps between them filled with mortar.

Plastic/metal edging

Plastic or metal edging, available from your local hardware store, is another very effective way of edging your lawn.  It doesn’t require the hard work of laying bricks, but it does provide a barrier that grass can’t grow through.   Because of the physical flexibility of the products, these options are especially good in situations where lawn edges are wavy or curved.

A neat and clearly defined edge is essential to bring out the true beauty of your lawn.  The team at Greener Lawn have ideas and solutions to help you create that stunning lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Why not call us today on 1800 473 363 and get some expert help!