The Ecological And Environmental Benefits Of Lawn

We hear the words ‘clean and green’ a lot these days.  There is a lot of political talk about pollution and making our world a safer place for our children.  But, did you know that simply planting and maintaining a lawn around your home could help make your patch of the planet a cleaner and healthier place?

The ecological and environmental benefits of lawns are huge. Especially considering that many of us nowadays live in highly populated suburban areas where there seems to be more concrete and pavers than green grass…

Here are some of the amazing, yet maybe widely unknown benefits of growing turf:

Soil Erosion

Deep rooted, dense and hardy grass varieties can help prevent soil erosion due to rain or wind, as their roots intercept raindrops before they work down into the soil, and hold firm in strong winds. This is especially important if your home is set on a sloping block.

Reduced air pollution

A healthy lawn acts as an air filter, trapping and absorbing smoke, dust, and pollutants that would otherwise be breathed in by us.  Grass absorbs carbon dioxide and other dangerous atmospheric pollutants, thereby effectively creating a cleaner, greener environment.

Noise reduction

We all know how concrete and metal surfaces reflect noise.  And for those of us who live in the cities, this is a genuine and growing concern. Turf, by comparison, absorbs noise – just another reason why a healthy, happy lawn is essential for our physical wellbeing.  In fact, studies conducted by the Maryland Institute of Applied Agriculture, USA, found that areas of turf planted as sound barriers reduced noise by up to 10 decibels!

External air-conditioning

Turf cools itself and the air around it in hot weather, using the simple process of evaporation.  By comparison, surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, when subjected to the hot summer sun, can heat up to a point where they are dangerous to walk on.  Planting a lawn area around your home may dramatically help with climate control inside the home. Especially at night when other surfaces are still radiating heat long after the sun has gone down.

Improved groundwater quality

Water that is filtered through a system of healthy soil and grass roots is a much cleaner product to return to nature.  Much of the contamination is removed by the grass, and the acidity level of the groundwater is greatly reduced.  Because water runoff is generally fed back into our lakes and waterways, it’s important that it is as clean as possible.

There are so many ways that simply growing a lawn can help create a safer and cleaner environment.  Call the team at Greener Lawns for more information on this topic. Our professional team understands the environmental benefits of turf and we’re here to help create a cleaner, greener planet.