BBQ Season Is Here And Its Time To Get Your Backyard Ready!

“Let’s have a barbecue!”  – how much more Aussie could you get?!

As summer gets seriously underway, it seems like every evening is filled with the smells of steaks, sausages and onion cooking on the barbie!  Friends, family, and neighbors gather together to drink and eat, and generally have a good time outside on the lawn…

The lawn.  Yes, the  lawn.  That one you’ve been working so hard to maintain.  That slice of paradise that’s your pride and joy…  There’s no doubt about it: with all that extra entertaining you’re planning for this summer, your grass is going to get a thrashing.  People walking on it; kids and dogs playing outside and, as well as the extra traffic, there’s the hot summer sun that’s going to be pouring down on it too.

So, what do you need to do to prepare your lawn for the BBQ season?  Read on for some helpful hints about preparation and lawn maintenance for this summer:

Fertilize in advance

If possible, it’s best to give your grass a good feed before the mercury begins to soar.  A good dose of fertilizer before the weather warms up permanently will give your grass that extra boost it needs going into the hot season.  The Australian climate is harsh on most grass types, so don’t be alarmed if your lawn does look a little tired by mid-summer.  And, most importantly, try and resist the impulse to fertilize when it’s really hot – it is likely to burn your lawn and, although it may facilitate new growth, these tender shoots will struggle to stay alive in the heat.

Water wisely

Don’t water too often.  While this may sound odd, watering less frequently but for a longer time is the best way to ensure that your lawn establishes a deep and robust root system. Infrequent deep soakings encourage the root system to travel deep into the soil profile, away from the hot surface temperatures and draw moisture from below, rather than relying only on what comes from above.

Correct Mowing

Another important feature of summer lawn maintenance is correct mowing.  Don’t be tempted to cut your lawn too short.  Although it may be more to your taste, remember that repeatedly scalping your lawn could kill it off altogether.  By increasing your lawn height, you will provide that extra shade protection for the soil. Not to mention, help prevent it drying out.  A higher mowing level will also allow for the thatch layer to add extra evaporation protection.  Last but not least, mow regularly during summer.  A healthy, well-watered lawn will benefit from regular mowing – try to follow the 1/3 rule and avoid removing too much of the blade length in one go.

Wetting Agents

As our soil bakes beneath a relentless sun, it becomes hard and somewhat water repellent. And that’s where wetting agents work their magic – they soak down into the soil and attract rather than repel water.  By applying wetting agents, we allow the soil to retain more moisture than it would naturally.

With a little extra TLC, your lawn will continue to be the perfect place to host friends and family this season.  For extra tips on summer lawn care, call Greener Lawns today on 1800 473 363 and speak with one of the team members.  With years of experience in lawn maintenance, we know what it takes to keep your lawn green all year round.