5 Benefits Of Adding Compost To Your Lawn

Should I be adding compost to my lawn?  Seriously?  Yes, absolutely!

Relax! We’re not suggesting you rush out and dump your potato peelings, apple cores, and tea leaves straight onto the grass!  But that compost pile that you’ve been feeding for a long time has been slowly breaking down, and now that it looks, smells and feels like soft, dark, crumbly soil rather than old vegetables, it’s ready to use.  And believe me, rich, organic compost hosts millions of tiny organisms that are super-food for your lawn!

Adding compost to your lawn is more commonly known as a top dressing (that certainly sounds nicer, anyway!).  And it’s one of the top tips that many successful lawn growers have proved beneficial.

Here are 5 reasons to top dress your turf:

Improve the soil

For beautiful grass, you need beautiful soil.  Not rocket science, but a fact nevertheless!  Healthy soil is full of earthworms and ‘good’ insects, as well as fungi, healthy bacteria and microorganisms that we don’t see.  It is damp (but not waterlogged), not compacted and allows the grassroots to easily travel through it to deeper water sources.

Our yards are a ‘managed’ landscape, and over time they tend to become nutrient deficient and compacted.  After all, they receive a fair bit of wear and tear, heavy traffic and mowing!  By adding a top dressing of rich compost at least twice a year, you can make a huge difference to the quality of your dirt and transform even clay-heavy or sandy soils into an ideal place for grass to grow.

Improve lawn color

As the organic matter in your compost heap breaks down, it produces excellent fertilizer.  And because it’s generally rich in nitrogen and other nutrients, adding a compost top dressing to your lawn will result in greener grass.

Save Water

None of us look forward to opening that water bill at the end of the quarter!  There’s no denying it, to maintain a beautiful, lush lawn requires a fair bit of watering – especially if you experience hot, dry summers!

By improving the structure of your soil, you can improve its moisture retention and save yourself a humble dollar or two!  Soil that is rich in organic matter is less susceptible to compaction, which means that it will hold more water.

Fight Disease and Pests

Soil that is rich in natural bacteria and microorganisms gives plants (and in this case your grass) what’s needed to help fight off disease and pests which might otherwise take hold.  In addition, these microscopic critters help to break down organic matter such as the thatch layer that naturally accumulates on top of the soil, manure and plant residue.  Healthy soil = healthy grass.

Natural is Best

Compost is a natural fertilizer that’s eco-friendly.  And this is important because many of our lawns are used by children and pets.

The team at Greener Lawns can provide more information and tips about top dressing your lawn. Call us today on 1800 473 636 to discuss your needs – our staff are here to help you create and maintain a beautiful, healthy turf that you deserve to be proud of!