A Helpful Guide – 3 Steps To A Pet Friendly Lawn

We love them; they’re part of our lives; we wouldn’t be without them!  Across the country, pets have become a very important part of many Aussie families!  And the good news is that your pets and your lawn can get along fine – you don’t have to sacrifice great turf for your adorable pooch! In fact, your pets can enjoy your lawn as much as you do!  Believe me, you’ll be the talk of the street: “how do they manage to have such a perfect lawn and pets too?!”

So, what are the challenges facing pet owners who want a beautiful lawn?  Some pets, particularly large dogs, dish out some fairly harsh treatment to grass: digging, wear and tear, and urine burns are a few of the common issues.  However, it’s not as bad as all that – there are lawn solutions that mean that your pets and your grass can both thrive!  So, let us share some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ with you…

Choose Your Turf Wisely

When choosing your variety of turf, think about, and maybe even list out exactly what you want to achieve from your lawn.  If you have pets, you need to plan for that from the outset.  Choose a turf variety that is robust and can tolerate a lot of wear and tear.  One that self-repairs quickly and requires minimal maintenance.  Some pets are sensitive to allergy too, so you need to make sure your chosen variety is low-allergenic.  With all that in mind, is there such a turf available?

Welcome, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf!  The perfect solution for pet owners who want a lawn they can be proud of!  It’s tough, robust and nationally renowned for unbeatable performance!  It’s soft underfoot, low-allergenic, lush and great for pets (and kids) to play on.

Pet-friendly Fertilizer

Just because you have a pet on the lawn doesn’t mean you can’t fertilize your grass.  From time to time our lawns need a dose of fertilizer to maintain optimum health and color and there are fertilizers available which are quite safe to use around pets.  Where possible, steer away from chemical fertilizers and opt for natural lawn solutions and organic products.

If for any reason it is necessary to use a chemical spray, follow the instructions carefully and keep your pets off the lawn for the specified time.

Urine Burns

Burn patches left on your lawn after your dog has urinated can be quite an awful sight in your yard. While it can be frustrating there is quite an easy solution. There is a natural product on the market called ‘Dog Rocks’ which can prevent these burn patches from ruining the look of your yard. Simply place the rocks in your dogs water bowl and the burn patches will begin to disappear within 5 weeks.

Be Proactive

Lawn destruction is more likely to occur if you neglect or don’t provide appropriate housing or exercise for your pets.  For example, rabbit or guinea pig hutches on the lawn need to be moved regularly to prevent the grass being eaten too short and killed in that patch.  Ensure that there are enough hardy trees and bushes for your dog to play around and a doggy toilet where it can do its business.  Provide toys for your pets to chew on and play with, and give them regular exercise.

At Greener Lawn, we care about pet-friendly lawns.  And we want you to be able to enjoy your grass as much as your pets do!  For extra tips on pet-friendly turf, call us on 1800 473 363 and chat to one of our team.