3 Things You Need To Know About Caring For Your Lawn In Autumn.

It’s arrived!  Across the country, the magic of autumn is unfolding as the cooler nights and gentle rains do their work.  Of all the seasons, autumn is arguably one of the most beautiful:

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting

and autumn a mosaic of them all.”  Stanley Horowitz.

Your garden is enjoying the change of season as much as you are.  Dormant grasses are beginning to re-shoot and your lawn that has looked brown and dead during the heat of summer is starting to smile again.  While the summer has been a good one, full of sunshine and outdoor fun, it’s time to give your grass its reward – a little bit of extra TLC before winter sets in.  In fact, autumn is one of the most important seasons in the world of lawn care!

Here are 3 things you can do for your lawn to this autumn:

  1. Fertilize

It’s important to give your lawn everything it needs to prepare for the cold months ahead, and this includes extra nutrition.  A fertilizer that has high levels of potassium is a great choice because potassium helps plants to build stronger and thicker cell walls, which in turn increases resistance to stress, disease, drought, and cold.  Combined with nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium is needed for optimum growth and lawn health.

Apply autumn fertilizers in March and April, and opt for a mineral fertilizer in preference to an organic one.

  1. Mowing

Correct mowing practices are important all year round, and autumn is no exception.  However, while you may have mowed shorter over the warmer summer months, now is the time to up your blade height by a good 10mm.  Mowing a bit higher gives the grass roots that little bit of extra protection from the extreme cold and frost that winter brings.  Scalping your lawn in autumn (cutting it too low, resulting in yellowing and bare patches) can be disastrous – damage will likely not grow out until spring.

If you have been using a mulching mower during summer, now’s the time to switch back to one with a catcher – the clippings do not break down as fast during the cooler season, and a buildup of mulch on your lawn over winter will provide perfect conditions for fungus to grow.

  1. Remove the Leaves

Sometimes this seems like a loosing battle, but don’t loose heart!  It’s important to keep raking up the leaves as they build up, and remove them from the lawn.  Fallen leaves prevent the sunlight from reaching the grass, which in turn can cause bare patches in the lawn or encourage weed growth.  To make your job a little easier, you might consider investing in a cordless leaf blower.

The team at Greener Lawn are looking forward to helping you achieve and maintain your beautiful lawn this season.  For extra tips on autumn lawn care, call us on 1800473363  and talk to one of our experts.