Steps To Care For Your Lawn In Winter

Steps To Care For Your Lawn In Winter

But you might ask, ‘Isn’t it dormant?’ Believe it or not, winter lawn care is a thing. While your lawn isn’t actively growing and you won’t be mowing much this time of year, there are steps you can take to ensure it stays healthy and ready to thrive again come spring.

1. Limit Watering
Over winter, your lawn likely won’t need much water, if any. Turn off your irrigation timers and water only when necessary. You’ll know it needs water if the leaves start to curl. Otherwise, avoid adding excess moisture to prevent soil compaction. For those keen on maintaining color, a light watering just before sunrise can help remove frost from the leaves.

2. Service Your Mower
Winter gives your mower a break, but it’s a good time to perform maintenance like sharpening blades. Leaving the grass a bit longer, especially in shaded areas, aids in photosynthesis and helps deter winter weeds.

3. Adjust Mowing Height
Raise your mower’s cutting height during winter to help the grass absorb more sunlight and nutrients. This also aids in blocking out weeds and preserving the lawn’s color. Aim to mow every few weeks, adjusting based on your location and turf type to avoid scalping the lawn.

4. Prevent Compaction
Winter can lead to soil compaction, especially in high-traffic areas or after wet weather. Minimise foot traffic and aerate the lawn as needed to improve soil aeration and root zone health.

5. Combat Weeds
Winter is when weeds like bindii and broadleaf varieties can thrive. Control them early with appropriate herbicides to prevent seeding and future growth issues. Use specialised products for persistent winter grasses. Visit Our Shop

6. Maintain Color
Expect some color loss in warm-season grasses during winter. Combat this with products like ColourGuard, especially in exposed areas like nature strips. Remember, spring will bring renewal! Visit Our Shop

These steps will help your lawn stay in good shape throughout the winter months, preparing it for a lush return when the weather warms up.