Revitalise Your Lawn Courtesy Of Turf Pigments Like ColourGuard Plus

Revitalise Your Lawn Courtesy Of Turf Pigments Like ColourGuard Plus

Reviving your lawn’s lush green during the colder months is made effortless with turf pigments like ColourGuard Plus. These pigments swiftly infuse into the leaves, revitalizing the color lost during dormancy. In this article, we delve into the effective utilization of turf pigments, specifically highlighting the benefits of ColourGuard Plus.

ColourGuard Plus offers versatility, available in both a convenient ready-to-use hose-on option and a range of concentrates suitable for mixing in a knapsack sprayer. However, it’s essential to select the application method that best suits your needs and surroundings, as overspray can stain hard surfaces if not promptly washed off.

If you prioritise convenience and have a wide lawn area with minimal hard surfaces, the hose-on application is ideal. Simply attach the bottle to the hose and evenly spray across the lawn for quick and hassle-free coverage. Conversely, if you require more precision, especially in narrow or irregular spaces with adjacent hard surfaces, the concentrate application via knapsack sprayer offers greater control.

The concentrate option presents additional advantages, allowing you to customise the pigment concentration according to your preference for a darker green hue. However, bear in mind that higher concentrations may reduce coverage. Utilising a knapsack sprayer equipped with a fan nozzle ensures precise application, crucial for achieving straight lines and minimising overlap.

Promptly washing off overspray is imperative to prevent staining, as ColourGuard Plus can adhere quickly to surfaces. In case of accidental staining, using a general-purpose cleaner or, for tougher stains, a hydrochloric acid-based cleaner (with caution) can help alleviate the marks.

ColourGuard Plus comes in various sizes, catering to different needs, ensuring a vibrant and natural-looking lawn rejuvenation. Whether you’re a turf farmer or a homeowner, ColourGuard Plus remains the preferred choice across Australia for its unmatched quality and effectiveness in turf pigmentation.

With the appropriate application method tailored to your environment, you can expect exceptional results and a revitalised lawn courtesy of turf pigments like ColourGuard Plus.

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