What Is The Perfect Length For Optimum Grass Growth?

‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence… ‘

Our parents have shaken their heads and recited that cliche since before we can remember, but maybe, just maybe, that isn’t true in your case.  Unless, of course, your neighbor is also taking excellent care of his lawn…

When it comes to regular lawn maintenance, one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘how long (or short) should I cut my grass?  Is there an optimum length?  Are there any rules and regulations?

To facilitate optimum grass growth, you must cut your lawn at the correct height.  This will encourage a strong and robust root system, healthy blades of grass and provide the plant with enough reserve to fight off disease, pests and weed invasion.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all length for cutting grass.  The correct mowing height for your lawn depends on the type of grass, your personal preference, the season and the climatic conditions you are experiencing at the time.  Hacking into the grass and cutting it off too short can have devastating effects, as can leaving it long.  It doesn’t matter so much how often you choose to mow, so much as how short you mow.

To help you cut your lawn correctly and encourage strong, healthy grass growth,

Here are our top tips!

1/3 Rule

There’s an old rule of thumb that suggests it’s wise only take off 1/3 of the total length of the blade of grass at a time.  The theory behind this is that taking off more than that in one go could unnecessarily stress your grass, especially if the weather is warm.  If you can’t bring it back to your desired length in one go, don’t leave it so long between mowing days and bring the length down gradually that way.

What happens if I mow too short?

Repetitive scalping is one of the worst things you can do to your grass.  Although the job may seem a chore, you won’t save yourself any effort by shearing your grass off low – in fact, you are likely to find yourself in a world of pain when it comes to trying to revive it!  At the very least, mowing too short will cause brown, bare spots in your turf, and at worst it will kill it completely.


When we cut our lawns using a lawn mower with a catcher, we remove all that goodness from the grass and tow it away to the dump or rubbish pile. Using a mulching mower means that we are able to leave the finely cut clippings on the lawn to decompose and return all their nutrients back into the soil, promoting a strong and healthy turf.

With proper care, your lawn can become one of which you have every right to be proud!  As we know, prevention is better than cure, and never a truer word was spoken when it comes to correct mowing practices!  Take time to research your specific type of turf and ask a professional team for tips on the perfect height to mow.

The team at Greener Lawns love your beautiful turf as much as you do.  So, call us today for extra tips on good mowing practices – our staff are right here to help you create and maintain that perfect patch of green!