Introducing TifTuf – Coming Soon

TifTuf Bermuda Grass – forged by the best turf grass breeders

TifTuf Bermuda is the product of almost 25 years of research and development. Now soon to be available for purchase from Greener Lawn as of 2019!

Bred by one of the worlds leading turf grass breeders – the University of Georgia. TifTuf was hand selected out of almost 30,000 different Bermuda varieties. Performing at a superior level when it comes to drought tolerance, shade tolerance, and wear tolerance. As well as the exhibition of impeccable winter colour.

Not only was outstanding performance the reasoning behind the selection of TifTuf. Fine aesthetics, really set TifTuf out from the crowd. Featuring a fine leaf blade combined with a dense growth, giving TifTuf an almost carpet-like appearance. Therefore, suiting both high quality sports fields. As well as looking perfect place in a lawn enthusiasts backyard.

Guaranteed to be Genetically Pure

With every purchase of TifTif Bermuda no matter how big or small, a Lawn Solutions Australia Product Warranty Certificate will be issued. Therefore, there is a guarantee that genuine TifTuf Bermuda is being purchased.

Why Choose TifTuf Bermuda?

  • Hand selected from over 30,000 different varieties of turf grass
  • Has had almost 25 years of research conducted on it by the worlds leading turf grass scientists
  • Superior drought tolerance requiring on average 38% less water then other varieties
  • Fantastic winter colour and spring green up qualities
  • Self repairing
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Comes with a 10 Year Product Warranty