How to Create a Low Maintenance Lawn with Rolls of Turf

Creating A Low Maintenance Lawn

Your lawn and garden are often the first things people see when they arrive at your home. They are a big part of your curb appeal and can say a lot about you. Having a beautiful lawn doesn’t have to difficult. You can create a low-maintenance lawn that is effortless AND beautiful.

Heres some tips on creating a low maintenance lawn
  • A lot of people think they need to start their lawn from seed. If you have the time and patience this can be a great way to get your lawn started. However, a lower maintenance way of doing it through is by installing rolls of turf. That way the only work it really takes to get the lawn established is deep watering for the first couple weeks. Once the root system is well-established watering will vary. This is dependant on the seasons and exposure to the elements. Over summer your grass will require more watering. However, over winter not so much.
  • You may also want to opt for starting with rolls of turf that are of a slower growing grass variety. Although it may take longer for the root system to establish once planted, it also means that you won’t have to cut it as much as it doesn’t grow as quickly are other varieties. Less mowing is a great start to having a low-maintenance lawn.
Planning your area wisely
  • Another way to cut down on mowing time is to install pavers that allow your mower to get right up to the areas without grass. This makes it so that you don’t have to go back over the yard with weed-eater to clean up the edges.
  • Plant your rolls of turf or lawn in larger areas that are easily mowed. If you create your lawn in an odd shape or with smaller strip areas it may be more difficult to keep it mowed and maintained. When designing your lawn creating a perfect square or rectangle space is ideal to make for easy mowing.
  • If you are still looking for other ideas for minimising the amount of lawn maintenance you need to do, you can also consider reducing the amount of lawn you have. Replacing parts of the lawn with a pathway, or perennial will assist in a low work garden.
Choosing the right variety of lawn
  • Something else to consider is how much water and fertiliser the type of grass you are planting requires. Planting more drought resistant types of grass goes a long way to making it easier to care for. Not needing to water it nearly as much takes away some of the care requirements of maintaining your new lawn.
  • Planting weed resistant varieties also reduce the need for weeding and cut down on the maintenance needs.

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