How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy All Year Round

A beautiful, lush green lawn doesn’t just appear overnight. It takes year-round care to ensure that your lawn is healthy and green. Knowing how best to keep your lawn healthy is the first step to creating the lawn you want. Here are some great tips to get you started on growing the lawn of your dreams.

Regular maintenance.


Watering your lawn regularly, and making sure it is watered well will give your lawn the moisture it needs. This means that it is better to water it every few days and give it a good soaking, as opposed to watering the lawn daily or in short small bursts. The longer, less often watering sessions ensure that the roots are deeper set. This enables the grass to be more inclined to tolerate periods of drought using its deeper root system.


Mowing the lawn on a regular basis is also important. A factor of this that many people don’t consider is also the length at which they are cutting their lawn. If you cut your lawn too short when it has grown for a long period of time you risk cutting too far down the blades of grass and damaging them. Another issue with the height you are cutting your lawn at is that if you cut it too short you risk the sun and elements destroying and burning the lawn. Instead of mowing it on a regular basis and never cutting more than 2/3 of the blade of grass you will ensure your lawn is as healthy as possible.


Fertilisation is another key aspect of a healthy lawn. Many people understand that you need to fertilise throughout the summer growing season, but many forget the need to fertilise right at the onset of fall. Giving your lawn a healthy dose of fertiliser before it goes dormant for winter gives your lawn the best chance of success in the springtime. Don’t forget to feed it in early spring as well- your lawn will thank you for the added nutrients by being the healthiest lawn possible.


Weeding regularly is another thing to consider if you want a healthy lawn. A lawn overgrown with weeds, or mushroom circles will not grow as well as a lawn that is regularly maintained and weeded.

Growing a native grass to your area is also a great way to ensure a healthy lawn. Native grasses are well suited to their native areas and can handle the time of changes in temperature, moisture and native weeds that it may have to compete against.

Keeping your lawn healthy year-round ensure that it is growing the best during the months you use it the most. If you need more tips on how to care for your lawn or are looking at new options for your lawn, be it turf, seed or otherwise, our team at Greener Lawn would be happy to assist you. Visit us today to see how we can help you get the lawn of your dreams.