What Does It Mean When They Say ‘Genetic Assured Purity?’

Genetic Assured Purity: you’ve heard the term.  You’ve seen it advertised.  But if you’re like most Aussie homeowners, there’s a fair chance you don’t actually know what it means.  That’s ok! We’ve put together this blog to help you figure it out and get a better grip on how important it is.

Whether you’re installing a few square meters of turf, establishing a generous yard or even re-turfing a large sporting venue, you need to be sure that what you purchase is true to label.  You want a product that’s fair dinkum. And the only way to achieve this is to buy a product that’s been certified, tested and approved.

AusGap Certified

Sir Walter Buffalo grass supplied by Greener Lawn, is ‘AusGap certified’.  AusGap (standing for Australian Genetic Assurance Program) is the turf accreditation program that’s been established to ensure that Australian customers are receiving grass which meets a strict set of criteria.  In layman’s terms, it means that the turf supplied has to have ticked every box before it leaves the farm.  It must be free of contamination and mutations.  In short, it is what it’s said to be.

To achieve this high standard, extreme care is taken in the planting, harvesting and delivering of your product.  The team is well trained and the whole turf production facility is regularly monitored for quality assurance.

DNA Certified

Turf growers such as Greener Lawn who are AusGap Certified, are able to offer consumers DNA certified lawns because their product is continually monitored for purity.  Australian homeowners who purchase DNA Certified lawns have the peace of mind that their turf is pure.  All production standards have been met and the product is what it is said to be.

Why Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf?

It’s true blue!  Developed in Australia for Aussie conditions, there’s no better choice for your lawn. With a high tolerance of sun, shade, drought, and frost, it thrives in most climates and situations. Tough, hardy and robust.  It requires relatively low maintenance: less fertilising than many lawn varieties and an incredible ability to self-repair even in areas of high traffic.  Sir Walter Buffalo grass maintains excellent winter colour, is beautiful to look at and even better to touch!  Perfect lawn: perfect choice.

Every purchase of Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf supplied by Greener Lawns comes with a certificate of authenticity and a nationwide 10-year product warranty.

The team at Greener Lawns love beautiful grass.  That’s why we’re so passionate about our Sir Walter DNA Certified turf: it is a pure joy both to look at and walk on!  For more information on the genetic purity of our grass, call us on 1800 473 363 and chat with one of our staff members.