8 Tips For A Healthy Lawn- All Year Round

Summer; autumn; winter; spring: your lawn needs to be healthy and vibrant, whatever the weather!  We get it: it can be a challenge when you have pets and children giving it a hard time, or when the weather is hot and dry.  But the good news is, it’s not really that hard to maintain a great lawn – with a bit of TLC and time spent on it, your grass can be the envy of the neighborhood, all year round!

At Greener Lawns, we love high quality turf.  And that’s why we’ve put together this list of 8 top tips for a healthy and beautiful lawn.


  1. Water

In Australia, our summers are typically hot and dry.  So, this is the season when your lawns are most stressed.  Establishing regular watering routines is very important if your grass is to maintain vibrant color and health throughout these months.  If possible, water your lawns in the early hours of the morning – this will ensure maximum water take-up, minimum waste and that excess moisture does not remain overnight on the blades of grass, causing mildew growth.

  1. Wage war on the weeds

Get rid of weeds by either spraying them or removing them by hand.   However, when using chemical sprays, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully – some products are not recommended for use in extreme heat or drought.


  1. Fertilize

Now’s your chance to set your lawn up for the cold months ahead.  Give it a good dose of fertilizer – this will give it what it needs to self-repair any damage that’s occurred during the hot summer months, and make it better able to resist the harsh winter cold.  If possible, try to stick to organic fertilizers – they’re are a better choice, especially if there are children or pets on the property.

  1. Scarify

Thatch is a natural buildup of dead organic matter between the soil and the green grass we see.  And autumn is the perfect time to remove it!  Yes, it’ll make a right old mess of the grass at the time, but in the long term, it’s very beneficial.  De-thatch using a rake or mechanical scarifier, then collect up the thatch and get rid of it.


  1. Mow Higher

As winter descends and the days get shorter and colder, it’s time to raise the cutter on your mower a bit.  Cutting your grass too low during the winter months will put excessive stress on it, and in the worst case, you may kill the lawn completely.

  1. Avoid heavy traffic 

If you live in a climate that experiences extreme cold, frosts, and snow, it’s wise to avoid heavy traffic on the lawn during these months. Traffic on waterlogged or frosty lawns cause soil compaction or bruising to the blades of grass.



  1. Lay new turf and seed

Spring has sprung!  It’s time to plant new turf or sow lawn seed!  Take time to prepare the soil well and maintain a regular watering schedule until the grass is well established.

  1. Mow regularly

This is the season where your grass is most actively growing.  It’s important to mow regularly (on average, about once per week) and if you’ve used a catcher during the winter months, you may choose to switch over to a mulching mower.


Remember, high quality turf deserves high quality treatment!  And maintaining a perfect lawn isn’t difficult – it simply requires dedication, time, and a bit of elbow grease!  For more lawn care tips, call the team at Greener Lawn on 1800 473 363.