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natural turf underlay

Natural Turf Underlay

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To give your new lawn the best opportunity to establish in its new home, natural turf underlay is needed. It is recommended to put at least 75mm of turf underlay under your new lawn. Greener Valley Sands, nutrient rich turf underlay consists of a natural blend of sand and silt (approx. 70/30). Sourced from the sandy loam from the heart of the Hawkesbury river flats, our natural turf underlay is screened to 8mm to eliminate unwanted clumps and debris.

Greener Lawn grows our high quality turf on this exact same soil, so you can be sure it will do great in your yard.

Starting from $35.20 incl. GST


Coming soon to our range will be a premium top dress which will be 100% pure washed river sand.  Contact us on 1800 473 363 or to be the first to know when this will be available.