Are Petrol Lawn Mowers More Efficient Than Electric?

Saturday morning: the traditional time for doing a workout behind the smoky, noisy old lawn mower.  Today, it doesn’t have to be.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a job that needs to be done, but the choice of mowers out there is huge.  And with battery and electric models now serious contenders in the market, it raises the question, which type of machine is more efficient?
Ten years ago, electric mowers weren’t worth the time spent looking at them, but, over time, their design and capacity have vastly improved.   Nowadays, they’re a commonly used item for home owners with smaller blocks and a small grass area.  A lot of modern homes are situated on small allotments, and near to their neighbors, so the electric mower becomes an option well worth looking into.


We hear a lot about sustainability, environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint.  And there’s no doubt about it, electric mowers are more environmentally friendly than petrol ones. Zero exhaust fumes have made electric mowers a popular choice for many home owners around the world who are concerned about sustainability, or who simply hate the smell and pollution of petrol motors.   A study conducted in Sweden reported that an hour spent behind a lawnmower could spew nearly the same amount of oil pollution into the air as a 100 mile car trip!!


In addition to the emission factor, there’s also the noise level to consider.  Cranking up a petrol mower early on Sunday morning is a guaranteed way to annoy the neighbors, whereas an electric mower is a lot quieter, allowing you to be far more flexible as to when you can perform the lawn maintenance chores.  The quieter whir of an electric motor is far less intrusive and not likely to disturb neighbors or sleeping children.


When it comes to sheer grunt, the petrol mower still wins out. Larger motors, bigger torque figures… there’s no denying it: they have more clout.  So, if your’s is a large yard with a big grass area, a petrol mower is most likely your best option. Larger cutting decks make the job quicker, and the petrol-driven mower allows you to tackle even the thickest of grass with confidence!  And of course, the more power, the better the cut.


An electric mower requires power, which means dragging a cord around with you. And whatever you do, don’t run over that cord!  If you opt for a battery powered mower, the batteries must be charged prior to mowing and depending on the size of your lawn, it may or may not last long enough to mow the whole area. Additional batteries can be purchased.


Any lawn mower requires a certain amount of maintenance.  However, petrol mowers may require more than their electric competitors.  Re-fueling and maintaining air and oil filters are a few of the little jobs associated with petrol mowers.

When it comes time to purchase your new mower, take time to research your options – there are pros and cons for both electric and petrol when it comes to efficiency.  Ultimately the choice will come down to what’s best for you and your yard size.  The team at Greener Lawns can help you decide which type of mower will best suit your needs – contact us today on 1800 473 363 and chat to one of our friendly staff.