Oxafert Pre-Emergent Herbicide & Fertiliser

Introducing Oxafert by Lawn Solutions Australia

We are excited to introduce you to Oxafert, a highly effective pre-emergent herbicide and fertiliser for achieving a lush, weed-free lawn.

Discover how Oxafert Herbicide & Fertiliser can transform your lawn care routine and help you achieve the beautiful green lawn you’ve always wanted.

What Is Oxafert Herbicide & Fertiliser?

Oxafert is a premium lawn care product developed by Lawn Solutions Australia. It combines the power of pre-emergent herbicides with essential fertilisers to provide a comprehensive solution for your lawn.

Key Benefits of Oxafert Herbicide & Fertiliser

  • Weed Control: Oxafert helps prevent the germination of common lawn weeds, ensuring your lawn stays weed-free.

  • Fertilization: It nourishes your lawn with essential nutrients, promoting healthy growth and vibrant green color.

  • Ease of Application: Oxafert is easy to apply, making it suitable for both DIY lawn enthusiasts and professional landscapers.

How Does Oxafert Herbicide Work?

Oxafert works by creating a protective barrier in the soil that inhibits the growth of weed seeds. At the same time, it releases a slow and steady supply of nutrients, promoting strong root development and overall lawn health.

Oxafert Herbicide & Fertiliser 3KG - Greener Lawn Solutions

Using The Oxafert Herbicide - A Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Preparation:
Begin by ensuring your lawn is free of debris and mowed to the desired height.

Step 2: Application
Use a broadcast spreader to evenly apply Oxafert over the lawn surface.

Step 3: Watering
Water your lawn immediately after application to activate the product.

Step 4: Reapplication
For best results, reapply Oxafert in accordance with the recommended schedule based on your local climate and growing conditions.

Interested In Oxafert Herbicide & Fertiliser?

Why Choose Oxafert For Your Lawn?

Proven Effectiveness: Oxafert is trusted by lawn care professionals and homeowners across Australia for its consistent results.

Long-Lasting Control: With its extended weed control capabilities, Oxafert keeps your lawn looking its best for months.

Environmentally Friendly: Oxafert is safe for the environment, your pets, and your family when used as directed.

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