Lawn Care In The Winter – 5 Tips To Help Your Lawn Thrive In The Cold

Cold; wind; rain; frost; snow… brrrr! Winter has really set in!  And while these chilly and miserable days don’t exactly inspire us to get out into the garden, we do enjoy looking out on our beautiful, lush lawn while we snuggle up by the fire with a hot chocolate…!

So, what are the tricks for maintaining a beautiful, vibrant lawn during winter?

At Greener Lawn, we care about good-looking turf, and that’s why we’re giving you our top 5 tips to help you maintain a gorgeous and healthy lawn:

  1. Mow Higher

Winter is the time to raise the mowing deck a notch or two.  Allowing your grass to grow a bit taller means that it has more blade exposed to whatever sunlight is available (albeit scanty some days!), helping to increase the health of the plant.  Use a catcher attachment to prevent cut grass from building up on the lawn and suffocating any new growth.

  1. Aerate the Soil

During the hot summer months, your soil can become hard and compacted.  This creates problems when the winter rains come: the water is unable to penetrate the concrete-like soil and the roots of the grass are don’t absorb the water and nutrients they need to survive during the colder months.  Aerating the soil either using a pitchfork or an aerating machine allows for better absorption of water and gives the grassroots a chance to breathe.  It also means that the nutrients you add to your soil in the form of fertiliser get down into the soil where they can work their magic.

  1. Clear Obstructions

We get it: fallen leaves are a pain to deal with, but allowing them to remain on the lawn will suffocate the grass.  Rake up fallen leaves and remove them. Consider pruning large evergreen trees to allow sunlight to the ground below.  Remove fallen branches. Children’s play equipment should also be moved regularly to avoid killing the grass underneath.

  1. Fertilise

    Believe it or not, fertilising your lawn at the beginning of winter can be very beneficial.  Perform this task within the first week or two, before the frost or snow sets in.  Using a fertiliser that is designed for the purpose, spread it evenly across your lawn and water it in.  These extra nutrients will be stored up in the root system and make for an excellent comeback when the lawn starts growing again in spring!  Note: fertilising frozen ground may do more harm than good – the nutrients will not penetrate the soil and will likely be washed away.

  1. Reduce Traffic

If possible, keep off your grass as much as possible during winter.  Wet, soggy lawns can become compacted with heavy foot traffic, and the ability of the grass to self-repair may be reduced during the cold season.  You may wish to cordon off your lawn areas and put up signs asking friends and family to keep to the paths, rather than trekking across the grass.  Don’t allow vehicles to park on the lawn either – this can do serious damage.

Ask the team at Greener Lawn for more tips about winter lawn care.  We care about your turf and we’re keen to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn all year round.  Call us today on 1800 473 363 for more free advice from our staff.