Lawn Care For The Spring

Greener Lawn Supplies top tips for your spring lawn preparation

Spring has arrived, bringing with it a sense of renewal and warmer weather. As the winter chill fades away, it’s time to focus on essential lawn care for the spring season. At Greener Lawn Supplies, we’re here to guide you through the following 9 helpful steps to ensure your lawn thrives this spring and reaches its peak health for the upcoming summer months.

Follow the below steps to ensure your lawn is as vibrant as possible this spring:

  • Soil pH Testing
  • Improving Soil Structure
  • Enhancing Soil Bacteria
  • Aerate Your Lawn
  • Apply Fertilizer
  • Weed Control
  • Thatch Removal
  • Top Dressing
  • Watering
Lawn Care For The Spring

1. Soil pH Testing

Start by checking your soil’s pH level, a critical factor for your lawn’s health. An incorrect pH can hinder nutrient absorption and lead to subpar performance. You can easily test your soil using a basic soil pH test kit or soil pH test probe. The ideal pH level for your lawn is 6.5. If it’s too high, consider using sulphate of ammonia to lower it. Conversely, if it’s too low, a mixture of lime and dolomite lime in equal parts can help raise it, while also providing calcium and magnesium to combat acidity.

Soil pH Test

2. Improve Soil Structure

Whether your soil has a clay or sandy base, addressing its structure is vital. Clay soils can lead to compaction over time, reducing oxygen availability for your lawn’s roots. Aeration and gypsum application can break up clay and improve soil quality. For sandy soils, use a soil wetting agent like Lawn Soaker to enhance moisture retention, allowing sand grains to hold on to vital moisture and nutrients.

3. Enhance Soil Bacteria

Boost the beneficial bacteria in your soil, such as mycorrhiza and rhizobia, which convert nitrogen into a usable form for your lawn. These bacteria become active as soil temperatures rise. Provide them with a carbohydrate-rich soil conditioner containing seaweed extract, like Lawn Rescue, to stimulate their growth and efficiency.

4. Aerate Your Lawn

To maximize air, water, and nutrient penetration into the soil, aerate your lawn. This process strengthens the grass roots and contributes to a healthier lawn. Use a garden fork to aerate before applying fertilizer. Annual aeration is recommended for high-traffic areas and hard lawns. Some soils may require specialist equipment from a lawn contractor.

Aerate Your Lawn

5. Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizing your lawn during spring promotes new growth and robust root development for the summer. Depending on your climate, choose between liquid and granular fertilizers. Cooler climates may benefit from liquid fertilizers to kickstart growth, while warmer regions can use granular NPK fertilizers like Lawn Solutions Australia Premium Fertiliser. Ensure you’ve addressed any weed issues before applying fertilizer.

6. Weed Control

Weed removal is a crucial aspect of spring lawn care. Hand-pick single weeds before they seed, and a healthy lawn will naturally suppress many weed types. For persistent or numerous weeds, consult your local nursery or lawn care specialist for herbicide recommendations.

7. Thatch Removal

If your lawn feels spongy, it may have excessive thatch. Mow your lawn low, close to the runners, to remove thatch buildup. This process may require a few mows to be effective. Afterward, fertilize and water to encourage rapid regrowth. Scarifying and dethatching machines are alternative options in some cases.

8. Top Dressing

Consider top dressing your lawn to even out any irregularities. Mow and fertilize the lawn first, then apply coarse river sand. Be careful not to cover the entire leaf tip. This step prepares your lawn for the upcoming summer heat.

9. Watering

Spring typically requires minimal additional watering beyond natural rainfall, depending on your soil type and location. Focus on deep soaking once a week to encourage deeper root growth and improve drought tolerance.

We're here to assist you with your lawn care for the Spring

Greener Lawn Supplies is here to assist you in achieving a lush and vibrant lawn this spring. Follow these essential lawn care steps, and your lawn will be ready to thrive in the warm summer ahead. Enjoy the beauty of your rejuvenated outdoor space!

Just starting out with your spring lawn preparation?

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