Kikuyu Turf Penrith

Eureka Kikuyu Grass is a resilient and adaptable turf that thrives in various climates across Australia. Whether it’s for residential lawns or larger areas like parks and racecourses, Eureka is the top choice for Kikuyu grass in the country.

Eureka Kikuyu is one of the cheaper turf solution for your property in Penrith, however this does not mean that it is inadequate to its competitors such as Sir Walter DNA Certified , Sir Grange Zoysia & Tiftuf Bermuda.

With incredible weather tolerance, great root strength and vibrant colour all year round, Eureka Kikuyu is a great solution that should not be overlooked.

Eureka Kikuyu Benefits

Eureka Kikuyu provides a range of pros such as:

  • Fast, vigorous and steady growth;
  • Maintains its vibrant colour all year long;
  • Grows through Autumn in to early winter;
  • Self repairing due to its fast growing nature and;
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty.

Being a cheaper alternative, Eureka Kikuyu does have some short falls to consider when purchasing:

  • Will require a sunny area as  shade tolerance is only 25%
  • Can be more susceptible to insects, fungus and overall pests compared to the more premium varieties we offer;
  • Can overwhelm and invade surrounding garden beds and footpaths if not maintained regularly and;
  • Will require frequent mowing, edging and weeding opposed to other variaties.
Kikuyu Turf Penrith

Why Choose Kikuyu Turf For Your Property in Penrith?

This grass thrives in sunny areas and can withstand full sun exposure. Its ability to establish a robust and deep root system enables it to endure scorching summer days such as the ones experienced in Penrith whilst displaying excellent drought tolerance.

Eureka Kikuyu is good for home lawns, racecourses, parks, reserves, golf tees and fairways.

The Kikuyu Turf Difference

Kikuyu turf offers numerous benefits, one of which is its captivating coloration. Unlike many other grass varieties that turn purple in colder months due to Australia’s diverse climate, Kikuyu maintains a vibrant evergreen hue throughout the year. This enduring color adds significant value to your property’s aesthetic appeal.

In addition to its beautiful color, another advantage of Kikuyu turf is its seamless integration with existing grass. Thanks to its rapid growth, Kikuyu turf swiftly establishes a robust root system, allowing for easy propagation into your lawn. This fast growth also grants Kikuyu exceptional resilience in high traffic areas, making it an ideal choice for families with children and pets who desire a garden that can withstand any conditions.

Kikuyu Turf Penrith - Turf Laying Services

At Greener Lawn Supplies, we don’t just supply top-quality Eureka Kikuyu Turf Penrith; we also provide a professional turf laying service to help you achieve the perfect lawn. Our team of experienced professionals can handle every aspect of the turf laying process, from turf underlay requirements right through to soil preparation, lawn installation and finishing touches. We use only the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your turf is laid to perfection, with a smooth and even finish. Contact us today to learn more about our turf laying service and to get a free quote.

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