How to add value to your home with turf

Want to add value to your home? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to increase the appeal to your home.

First impressions are everything! And your front yard is where first and last impressions might be made. A lush, thick and green lawn looks amazing and there are so many ways this can be achieved. If you do not have an existing lawn already, it is a perfect time to invest in a new lawn. The team at Greener Lawn, will happily provide advice as to what lawn best suits your needs Turf Varieties | Compare Our Turf Varieties | Greener Lawn.  Already have an existing lawn but it just needs a facelift? We’ve got you covered! Your lawn can look instantly alive with the use of ColourGuard. ColourGuard is an inexpensive lawn paint that will instantly make you lawn look green and renewed and is available for purchase right here on our site! ColourGuard Plus Concentrate 100ml – Greener Lawn Supplies. Or ColourGuard Plus 2 Litre – Greener Lawn Supplies


To look after your lawn long term there are 3 simple steps you should consistently do to make the most out of your lawn…
1. Water your Lawn
You should be watering your established lawn at least once or twice a week depending on the current weather conditions; either early morning or late in the afternoon.

2. Fertilise your lawn
To keep your lawn healthy you should fertilise your lawn twice in spring (September & October) and twice in autumn (March & April). Greener Lawn has fertilisers available for purchase via our website.
Lawn Solutions Fertiliser 4kg – Bucket – Greener Lawn Supplies

3. Insect and Weed protectant
Greener Lawn has a preventive control against lawn pest. Grub Guard Ultimate Turf Insecticide is ready to use, spreadable insecticide granule the protect your lawn from pest like armyworm, curl grub and so much more.
Grub Guard Ultimate Turf Insecticide – Greener Lawn Supplies


When weeds becoming present a great tool to use is All Purpose Weed Control. This weed killer is suitable for established couch, bent, kikuyu, paspalum, buffalo, zoysia, fescue and rye lawns and turf. All Purpose Weed Control 2L – Greener Lawn Supplies

Here we have explored some of the numerous ways in which you can get your lawn looking green and healthy. A greener lawn will turns heads as people go buy your property. Whether you are looking to sell or just give your home a facelift, you should be looking at how to give your home a greener lawn.