Keeping Your Carbon Footprint Low by Installing Lawn

As climate change affects the world, and the world’s population increasing. It has become ever more important to minimize our carbon footprints. It is important to do our own part to ensure that our world lasts for as long as possible. Installing a lawn is a great start to helping the environment. Lawn is a great help in keeping your carbon footprint low.

Here are some of the ways having a lawn will help reduce your carbon footprint:
  • The temperature around a lawn is cooler than other areas that are covered in cement or asphalt. Installing your lawn will help keep the area around your home cooler. As well as keep the temperature around your home cooler. Therefore, reducing your dependency on air conditioning inside your home.
  • Also, having a lawn will reduce soil erosion. A major contributor to climate change and loss of topsoil is erosion. By planting and maintaining your lawn, you are doing your part. Ensuring that the area has a lush ecosystem within the topsoil and deeper soil. Preventing rains from washing away the vital topsoil.
  • Speaking of rain, another way that having a lawn helps reduce your carbon footprint and helps the environment is due to the way it absorbs the water. Concrete doesn’t absorb water and can lead to puddling and widespread flooding. A healthy lawn can take in a fair amount of water, depositing it to the water table and helping filter it on the way through it. This can be a huge benefit in areas that have dirtier water or acid rains.
  • Water is not the only thing your lawn will filter. It also helps to filter and purify the air. Much like trees take in carbon dioxide, so too does the grass. It helps convert it back into oxygen and remove harmful things like sulfur dioxide from the air we breathe.
  • Grass trimmings being left on the lawn to biodegrade help maintain a healthy balance within the soil. The decomposition helps return nutrients to the soil and feeds microorganisms which are an important and key component of any environment.
Protect your family
  • Well maintained lawns are natural fire breaks between homes and higher risk fire areas. Dry unkept land that has lots of dry and flammable materials can be a fire waiting to happen. Natural occurrences like lightning can be all that is needed to get these fires started. A well-watered healthy lawn will help slow the spread of fires, which have become major issues worldwide.

There are many other ways that having a natural lawn can help offset your carbon footprint and why they make sense to have. If you have more questions about the benefits of having a lawn or are seeking the perfect lawn for your area, our team at Greener Lawns would be happy to help. Come visit our store today and see what turf we have available for your area.