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Buffalo grass is one of the most common warm-season turf varieties in Australia. You may know the most popular of buffalo grass sydney varieties, DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Grass. From different varieties of buffalo lawn to ongoing care, our complete guide outlines everything you need to know about buffalo lawns. 

What Is Buffalo Grass?

Buffalo grass is incredibly unique as it is the only grass native to Australia that is also used as turf grass. Its suitability as a lawn grass was discovered due to its superior drought tolerance and cold tolerance compared to other warm-season grasses. As a wild grass, it is considered a weed in many states but also holds an important role in pastures used by grazing animals. 

How To Identify Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass can vary in look and feel depending on what variety it is. Typically, most warm-season buffalo grasses have a broad leaf blade that is a lush green color. They are a low-growing grass that spreads by stolons. Newer varieties of buffalo turf grasses, such as DNA Certified Sir Walter grass, are also soft to the touch and non-allergenic.
Buffalo Grass Sydney

Which Is The Best Buffalo Grass for Sydney ?

When comparing different Buffalo turf grasses, you need to consider which one will be right for your space, needs, and climate.

  • DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Turf: DNA Certified Sir Walter Turf is Australia’s favorite lawn variety for a reason! They’re drought, shade, and frost-tolerant, quick-repairing, and low allergenic.
  • Sapphire Buffalo Turf: While Sir Walter lawns perform better in high-traffic areas, Sapphire Buffalo grass is a good choice for shade tolerance in low-traffic areas. They also require mowing less frequently.
  • Palmetto Buffalo Turf: Another alternative to Sir Walter, Palmetto Buffalo grass sydney holds its winter color in full sun, has a small amount of thatch, and is also resistant to a variety of weather conditions.
  • Matilda Buffalo Turf: Another buffalo variety that can maintain its green winter color in full sun, Matilda Buffalo turf prefers sunlight but is able to withstand high wear and tear.
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As a trusted Lawn Solutions Australia partner, Our Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo seeds are proudly supplied by Lawn Solutions Australia and grown in our Windsor Turf Furm, located in the Hawkesbury region of New South Wales, Austalia.

Buffalo Grass Growing Guide

Luckily, buffalo grasses such as Sir Walter Buffalo are native to Australia meaning it is well-suited and grows well in the heat of summer and the frosty winter. As with most warm-season grasses, buffalo lawn will grow best in spring and summer. During these seasons, you will need to start mowing more often, but your lawn will thrive.

How Long Does Buffalo Grass Sydney Take To Grow? 
Our DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo turf will already be partially grown before it arrives at your doorstep – one of the key benefits of choosing turf direct from our Windsor Turf Farm in Sydney’s west rather than seeds. However, after 4 weeks of laying turf, depending on the weather, your new lawn should be established.

Does Buffalo Lawn Grow In The Shade?
Like most buffalo turfs, Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn is well known for its shade tolerance, making it the ideal choice for small yards, court yards and shaded areas where the fence or house casts a shadow for parts of the day.

Can I Grow Buffalo Lawns From Runners
Interestingly, you can actually grow buffalo lawns from runners. While this is not recommended for an entire lawn, it is a great way to repair bare patches.

How To Fix Dead Patches
As well as using runners, you can fill dead patches with new turf or by adding topsoil and encouraging your existing lawn to fill the area. In order for these methods to work, you do need to make sure you have addressed the reason the dead patch appeared in the first place.

Growing Tips For Buffalo Grass
There are endless tips we can give you for helping your healthy lawn flourish. Perhaps the most useful for growing a new lawn is that good preparation and laying goes a long way. Ensuring the soil and area are well-prepared will give you the best outcome on the installation day.

Weeds in Buffalo Grass
The wonderful thing about a healthy soft leaf buffalo lawn is that it will generally outcompete invasive weeds that pop up. However, if your lawn is in the shade or a high traffic area, you may find that weeds will creep in.

Luckily, most weeds are easy to control in Australian backyards with Sir Buffalo turf. How you control weeds will largely depend on the type of invading weed. Depending on the type of weed, you can:

  • Control it through mowing before it grows seed heads.
  • Use a natural method of weed control.
  • Or, apply weed killer.

Our Care Guide For Your New Buffalo Lawn

While Sir Walter lawns are incredibly hardy and resistant to the strain caused by the Australian climate, they still need some care to ensure they thrive.

How To Mow Buffalo Grass
In the height of the growth period (spring to summer), you will need to mow weekly. Sir Walter lawns thrive when they are maintained at a height of 20-25mm.

How To Fertilize Buffalo Grass
Regularly fertilizing your soft leaf Buffalo lawn will help to maintain its growth and vibrant green color. For best results, fertilize your Sir Walter lawn at the beginning of each season.

How To Water Buffalo Grass
Buffalo turf is an incredibly drought-tolerant grass, which means that it doesn’t require as much water as other varieties. Typically, you can let the rain do the watering for you and just water your lawn if it hasn’t rained in a couple of weeks, perhaps more in summer.

How To Green Up Buffalo Grass
Regularly fertilising your lawn is the key to maintaining good winter color for longer. However, if you’d like your lawn to be greener and quickly, you can use a lawn paint such as ColourGuard Plus.

How To Make It Thicker
Sir Walter has a thick growth habit naturally, so good care and maintenance will encourage your lawn to grow thicker.

Where To Buy High Quality Buffalo?

While we may be a bit biased, the best place to buy buffalo grass is right here, at Greener Lawn Supplies. You can enquire about DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Turf through our shop, by completing the below enquiry form or by talking to our friendly staff on 1800 473 363.

All of our Sir Walter Buffalo turf is DNA Certified by Lawn Solutions Australia, guaranteeing its genetic purity and premium quality. Shop now for our competitively priced and premium quality soft leaf buffalo grass.

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