Our 3 Part Series On Lawn Care In Spring- Part 1: Removing Weeds

There’s no denying it: Spring has sprung!  As we shake off the winter blues and head outdoors to enjoy the warm sunshine, there’s a list as long as your arm of gardening jobs that are waiting to be done!  Perhaps the most important of these tasks is removing weeds from the lawn and garden areas…

Weeds are simply plants that are growing where you don’t want them to.  Whether they’re the common broad-leaf weeds that rear their ugly heads in your turf or self-sown annual flowers that pop up between your pavers, they’re all weeds.  The challenge is that some weeds can produce up to 10,000 seeds per plant, so they require serious control measures to prevent them invading and taking over your grass!

Whether you have an existing lawn or have recently installed new lawn, there are many different ways to remove weeds from your lawn. However, the size of the lawn area will likely be the biggest determining factor for which method you employ: what is practical in a small domestic yard may not be feasible for a large parkland or sports field.

Hand/Tool Removal

Some varieties of weeds may be easily and effectively removed by hand.  For best results, pull the weeds when the soil is moist, ensuring that you remove the entire plant, including the roots.  A small hoe or winged weeding tool can be used to dig around and loosen the soil surrounding the weed, making it easier to pull out.

Herbicide Sprays

For severely affected or large lawn areas, a chemical weed spray is often the simplest and most effective method of removing weeds.  Your local hardware store or lawn care supplier will be able to talk to you about the best type of spray for your particular needs, so take the time to talk to a professional and get their advice.  Mix and apply the product strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, remembering that these products are generally not environmentally friendly and any excess spray or runoff may damage other plants and even pets.

Prevention is Better than Cure

We’ve all heard that old saying, and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to managing weeds in the garden.  By taking active steps to prevent weeds from getting a hold in your lawn, you can save yourself a sea of heartbreak later on!

Act Quickly

If you notice weeds popping up in your lawn area, act immediately.  We get it: nobody loves removing weeds, but if you procrastinate, you’ll only let the problem grow.  It is especially important that flowering weeds are removed before they get a chance to spread their seeds.

Landscape Fabric

It is important to prevent weeds from growing in your garden beds too because they will rapidly spread to your lawn.  Using landscaping fabric can help control weeds in other areas of your garden until they are properly established.

Fertilise and Mow Appropriately

Healthy, well-fertilised grass has the best possible chance to withstand invasion from foreign plants. Routine fertilising will encourage a robust and healthy lawn, and correct mowing practices will ensure that the grass has everything it needs to beat those weeds.

For more information on Spring Lawn care and weed removal, call the team at Greener Lawn on 1800 473 363.  We love beautiful lawns as much as you do!