Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

Why Choose Sir Walter DNA Certified?

Australia’s No.1 Buffalo Lawn

There are so many reasons why Sir Walter DNA Certified is Australia’s No. 1 buffalo grass. Standing the test of time, proving consistently that it will grow anywhere. Performing with excellence in full sun or shade, in extreme heat, frost or drought. Born right here in Australia, Sir Walter turf was bred to be tough yet soft, and good looking to boot! Since 1997 there has been over 50 million metres of Sir Walter Buffalo Grass sold Australia wide. There is really no match for Sir Walter’s versatility and hardiness.

A proven shade and drought tolerant grass

Why have a brown lawn during summer when a lush green drought tolerant lawn like Sir Walter Buffalo can make you the envy of your street. Sir Walter’s roots grow deep into the subsoil gathering moisture. A Sir Walter lawn can reduce the heat generated from the sun by up to 10 degrees. A lot of different Buffalo grasses are available on the market. However, none of these have been able to surpass Sir Walter turf in ticking all the right boxes.

Great for kids and pets

Purchasing Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is not just buying a new lawn. It is a whole new way of life. Gone will be the days of playing that game of backyard footy and ending up with a knee full of bindii, or diving for that superb catch only to finish with a mouthful of dirt. Sir Walter buffalo turf is soft-leaved, lush and green—the perfect Aussie lawn.

Low maintenance

Sir Walter Buffalo has a tight growth habit, preventing the growth of most weeds. As well as having the ability to repair itself quickly if damaged—lessening the incidence of bare patches. With Sir Walter mowing is less of a chore. And the finished result will amaze you every time.

The only buffalo grass backed by a national warranty

warrantyWith every Sir Walter Buffalo Grass purchase—no matter how big or small—a Certificate of Authenticity will be issued. This certificate guarantees that genuine Sir Walter is being purchased. Also, Sir Walter grass comes with a nationwide 10 Year Product Warranty.

Sir Walter Certified
Sir Walter Certified


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Australian Born and Bred

Sir Walter – sounds like the name of one of the knights that sat at the round table! Actually, Sir Walter DNA Certified turf is a variety of Buffalo Grass bred right here in Australia. In fact, it was first bred in the Hunter Valley in NSW. Since it’s introduction in 1997, around 35 million metres of Sir Walter Buffalo have been rolled out across Australian backyards.

The fact that Sir Walter was locally bred means it is very hardy in order to suit Australian conditions. Therefore, performing excellently in most Australian climates and environments. Also, Sir Walter exhibits a resistance to a lot of the common pests. As well as, having a dark green broad leaf. The original types of Buffalo were very course and scratchy. Therefore, grass growers worked to create new varieties that were softer yet still resilience.

Un-beatable Performance

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is best known for being a tough and fast growing variety. This is due to rapid recovery from wear and tear and requiring less mowing than other varieties. Also, requiring less fertilising than couch varieties. Great in full sun and shade and is quite tolerant to drought. As well as, exhibiting a thick mat and making it difficult for weeds to penetrate. Needing just 3 to 4 hours of sunlight in winter per day. Therefore, growing in some areas where other grasses fail. Furthermore, Sir Walter retains colour well through the winter months. In the case when Sir Walter can’t grow in your heavily shaded area or high traffic spot, no other grass will either.

Fully Certified

Importantly, turf farmers are required to have a license to grow this breed. As well as providing a certificate to ensure the genuine product is being purchased from a licensed Sir Walter grower. As a certified supplier, Greener Lawn provides homeowners with the best Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Sydney has on offer!

Furthermore, Sir Walter DNA Certified purchased from Greener Lawn is Certified by AusGAP – the Australian Turf Certification Program.

For specific information on the care and maintenance of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf, click here.

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