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Sir Walter Premium Lawn Preparation & Care Package 1


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The Sir Walter Premium Lawn Preparation & Care Package 1 includes 120 sqm Sir Walter Premium Turf, Turf Delivery, 12 tonne of soil, soil delivery, and 1of 3kg Sir Launcher, plus a bonus lawn book, 2L Bin Die and 2L Lawn Rescue – Total Bonus value $55.00! Soil dispersion is calculated at a soil depth of 65mm. This is a complete package with everything you need to lay 120 sqm of Sir Walter premium grade turf.  Sir Walter Premium Turf has become one of the leading turf varieties over the years, with its dark green broadleaf appearance and soft leaf which not only performs well in full sun but better than most other varieties in shaded areas as well. Sir Walter is also hard wearing and recovers well from damage and retains its colour well in the winter months. Sir Walter with its thick mat out competes weeds leaving you with healthy weed free lawn. It is also resistant to a number of insects and fungal pests. These characteristics make Sir Walter the perfect choice for a family lawn as well as various commercial uses. Sir Turf Launcher: Apply 3kg per 100m², a combination of starter fertiliser with water saving crystals, this product is used before laying your turf and raked into soil. Quality grade soil suitable for use prior to laying your new turf product, sold and delivered by the metric tonne. One (1) tonne minimum.


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