Compare Our Turf Varieties

All of our Lawn Varieties are accredited by Lawn Solutions Australia. Each square metre of Sir Walter Buffalo, Platinum Zoysia, Nullarbor Couch and Eureka Kikuyu that we sell is backed by a 10 year warranty certificate to assure that you are getting the best product and also the best customer service that you can buy.  At Greener Lawn we are always here to help. With over 20 years of experience, our staff will always provide you with the best lawn and best lawn care advice.


Cows graze in groves on grass, which grows in grooves in groves. Struggle with that tongue twister? So did we! And sometimes wrapping your mind around all the different types of turf can be very confusing.

We can help you choose because, unlike tongue twisters, we excel at grass. We know the varieties inside and out. Once we know where you want to lay it, we can narrow the options for you and then it’s just a matter of which grass you like the look and feel of the most.

Here is a list of our favourite grasses and the main pros and cons of each:

Sir Walter DNA Certified


One of the most well known grasses you’ll come across in Australia and it has reached this status because it is extremely hardy and resistant to a lot of pests that are found in this country. Other competing grasses may claim to be bred of, son of or just as good as, but Sir Walter DNA Certified has been proven to be “Australia’s Number 1 Buffalo”.

Platinum Zoysia


Platinum Zoysia exhibits a narrow leaf mid-way between a couch and buffalo grass. It is very unique and is significantly more drought tolerant than any other variety due its deeper root system. Platinum Zoysia is not as tolerant to shade as the Sir Walter buffalo but is significantly more shade tolerant then the Nullarbor Couch. Its winter colour is slightly better than the Nullarbor Couch but does not compare to the Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo. It’s a hard wearing and low maintenance lawn which does not need a lot of mowing. These characteristics make Platinum Zoysia very suitable for commercial jobs.

Nullarbor Couch


This couch grass (pronounced “cooch”) has a fine leaf and will look like a beautifully manicured carpet if you have to time to maintain it. Couch however doesn’t like heavy foot traffic or large amounts of shade.

Eureka Kikuyu


If you want an old favourite that grows in extreme neglect and you love mowing often, then you can watch the kikuyu grow! It’s cheap, but at a price being a very high maintenance lawn. It can be very invasive in gardens and garden edges and will prove to be a real nuisance if left unattended.

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sir-walter zoysia couch eureka
Drought tolerance Good Good Excellent Fair
Shade tolerance Excellent Fair Very Poor Very Poor
Repair rate Excellent Good Moderate Good
Winter colour Excellent Poor Poor Good
Salt tolerance Excellent Fair Poor Poor
Pest & disease tolerance Good Good Fair Poor
Mowing frequency Medium 7-10 days in summer Medium 7-15 days in summer  High 7 days in summer High 4-6 days in summer
Invasiveness Slightly invasive Invasive Very invasive Extremely invasive